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When the high-tech skyscraper comes under attack by a criminal syndicate, Sawyer must save his family before a raging fire consumes the entire building. — josh rottenberg,, "Dwayne Johnson and Rawson Marshall Thurber on 'Skyscraper' and the state of Hollywood," 5 July 2018
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Im Syndicate, I love gaming & enjoy life to the maximum! Come take a peek into what i do! I love traveling the world and thanks to each and every amazing Sub...
Syndicate - definition of syndicate by The Free Dictionary
syn·di·cate (sĭn′dĭ-kĭt) n. 1. An association of people or firms formed to promote a common interest or carry out a business enterprise. 2. A loose affiliation of ...
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A syndicate is a temporary alliance of financial services entities formed to handle a large transaction that would be difficult to handle individually.
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A syndicate is a self-organizing group of individuals, companies, corporations or entities formed to transact some specific business, to pursue or promote a shared interest.
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The definition of a syndicate is a group that was designed or established to serve a common purpose, or is an entity that supplies news information to many newspapers and other media outlets all at the same time.
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The Syndicate Leader Possibly Lord Falconcrest, or Beve Perenolde Lord Aliden Perenolde (former), Lord Aiden Perenolde (former) Membership 5,000[citation needed ] Races Human Orc Character classes Warrior, Rogue, Assassin, Mage, Warlock, Aristocrat (RPG) Capital Strahnbrad Other major cities...
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Syndicates are groups of interest operating throughout the Origin System separate from the Corpus, Grineer, and the Tenno. These factions have their own ideologies and goals regarding the fate of the system, with some inevitably in disagreement with another syndicate. Syndicate: PC: Video Games
Product Description. Syndicate is the re-imagination of a cult classic franchise from 1993 - a unique action shooter set in a not too distant future, where Business is War. 2069 – No longer governed by politicians, the developed world is divided up into regions controlled by megacorporations known as Syndicates.
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Set in 2069, Syndicate takes players into a dark, Machiavellian world run without government oversight with many syndicates vying for total dominance of their local market place.
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Syndicate is an 8-piece variety band that plays all genres of music and can customize their set list to fit your perfect event. Their youth and energy leave the audience wanting more each and every time they hit the stage!
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Syndicate is an isometric real-time tactical and strategic game from Bullfrog Productions created in 1993.It is the first title in the Syndicate series.An expansion pack, Syndicate: American Revolt, a sequel, Syndicate Wars, and a reboot Syndicate have also been released. Syndicate [Download]: Video Games
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Business is war in Syndicate, where you are the latest chip-enhanced prototype agent for the largest mega-corporation in the world, in an all-out war to control the American marketplace.
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Find reviews, trailers, release dates, news, screenshots, walkthroughs, and more for Syndicate here on GameSpot.
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Thomas Cassell (born June 23, 1993) known as TheSyndicateProject, Tom Syndicate, or Syndicate, is a British YouTuber, gaming commentator, and vlogger. His cool channel was opened on the 3rd September 2010, and he quickly grew to be one of the biggest gaming channels on YouTube, with nearly 10...
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The Syndicate is one of the most reviled Conventions, even within the Technocracy. They control the flow of money and trade among the Masses as well as in the Union.
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Syndicate A group of banks that acts jointly, on a temporary basis, to loan money in a bank credit (syndicated credit) or to underwrite a new issue of bonds. Syndicate 1. In ...
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The Syndicate was a secretive organization that represented certain global interests. The Syndicate was formed in 1973 and destroyed in 1999. The group involved multiple members of the Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of State.
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1859, [India Office, Government of the United Kingdom], “Copy of Correspondence with the Indian Government, Showing the Progress of the Measures Adopted for Carrying Out the Education Despatch of the 19th Day of July 1854.
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Syndicate. An association of individuals formed for the purpose of conducting a particular business; a Joint Venture. A syndicate is a general term describing any group that is fo
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Located in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, Syndicated BK is a movie theater, bar, and restaurant open everyday at 5pm.