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Semi | Definition of Semi by Merriam-Webster
First Known Use of semi. Noun (1) 1912, in the meaning defined above. Noun (2) 1942, in the meaning defined above. Noun (3) 1942, in the meaning defined above
Sensors enable a myriad of sensors and applications, from measuring caffeine in coffee and the hotness of chillies and ions in the blood of...
Semi | Define Semi at
a combining form borrowed from Latin, meaning “half,” freely prefixed to English words of any origin, now sometimes with the senses “partially,” “incompletely,” “somewhat”: semiautomatic; semidetached; semimonthly; semisophisticated.
Semi - definition of semi by The Free Dictionary
Noun: 1. semi - one of the two competitions in the next to the last round of an elimination tournament
SEMI International Standards
Standards increase industry efficiency by reducing/eliminating duplication of efforts, defining new markets, and promoting competition by lowering barriers to entry.
Urban Dictionary: semi
A person who has a high tolerance, or can take numerous shots, blows, etc, but remains stoic or unfazed.The usual context is referring to a person in a fight or a person drinking numerous shots.
Semi - Wikipedia
Semi may refer to: . semi-, numerical prefix meaning "half"Semiconductor industry, also known as semi or semis in financial news; Semi-automatic firearm; Semi-detached house, a type of housing
Semi- - definition of semi- by The Free Dictionary
As I once more shouldered my pack and went my way, the character of the country side began to change, and, from a semi-pastoral heathiness and furziness, took on a wildness of aspect, which if indeed melodramatic was melodrama carried to the point of genius.