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WiCOM, the 12th International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing, is an annual conference in China since 2005. This conference was held in Wuhan, Shanghai, Dalian, Beijing, and Chengdu from 2005 to 2015. Each year there are 100 - 500 attendees from Asia, Europe, America, etc., and there have been quite a lot of well known experts giving plenary speeches.
Kurmandji — Wikipédia
Le kurmandji (ou kurde septentrional, kurde du Nord) est une des langues kurdes.Il est parlé par les Kurdes du nord de la Syrie et de l’Irak, de l'Iran, de Turquie et des anciennes républiques soviétiques, soit environ 60 % des kurdophones. Il s’agit d’une langue indo-européenne du groupe des langues iraniennes
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Independent daily News from Kurdistan. Know Your World. The exclusive online news portal that brings you up to the minute news as events as they happen
Hospital do Tênis - 11 4541-6721
Venda e Conserto de Calçados. Hospital do Tênis - Mauá - SP
Strafproces tegen Saddam Hoessein - Wikipedia
Op 19 oktober 2005 begon in Irak het strafproces tegen Saddam Hoessein, de voormalige president van Irak die door de Verenigde Staten gevangen is genomen.
Sinjar - Wikipedia
In the 2nd century A.D., Sinjar became a military base and part of the Roman limes, and it remained part of the Roman Empire until it was sacked by the Sassanids in 360 A.D. At the beginning of 6th century A.D., it was inhabited by a tribe called Qadišaiē (Kαδίσηυοι).
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Miss Iraq 2015 Shaymaa Abdel Rahman flees the country after threats. HEWLÊR-Erbil, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— In what some are calling the “new normal” in Iraq, a slew of women known for their popularity on …
CNN Turkey reports ‘American Sniper’ Bradley Cooper killed ...
In what’s believed to be the original claim, an account supportive of the Kurdish YPG reported the death of U.S. Special Forces member Eddie Bragdon, a.k.a. Zana Rizgar, instead of the actual ...
ROUTE 300-101 Training » EIGRP Questions
“The router needs to know the time to be able to rotate through keys in synchronization with the other participating routers, so that all routers are using the same key at the same moment.
Appendix:Kurdish given names - Wiktionary
B: ·Badil· Bagro· Bahar (spring) Bahoz (tornado) Balnexşîn Banê Barîn Barzan Bawan Bazê Baziyan Bêdar Befraw Befrîn Begîxan Behêz (powerful) Belalûk Belên (promise) Belîcan Belqis Bêmal Benav Benaw (nameless) Bênaz Berbijîn Berdar Berdil Berhem Bêrî Bêrîcan Bêrîn Bêrîvan Bersîn Besê Bestin Betîn (warm) Bêxal ...