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Kurdish-English and English-Kurdish Dictionary: Kurmanci ...
The Rizgar dictionary is a treasure. It not only contains an invaluable number of entries, but also an equally hefty English-Kurdish section(the Chyet English-Kurdish section is miniscule).
Learn Kurdish: A Multi-level Course in Kurmanji: Baran ...
Learn Kurdish: A Multi-level Course in Kurmanji [Baran Rizgar, Nevin Yavuz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.
Incest Castle Ch. 01 - The Accepted Unusual - Incest/Taboo ...
In the dark ages of Europe, there was an autonomous kingdom situated in the north of Mesopotamia. It was called Gorduene by all of the known world, yet it was named Gurgistan, or "Land of the Wolf", by their people.
희망을 심는 사과나무 치과 -
독서토론-다섯번째(끌림) 이희순님 감사합니다^^ hacked by Rizgar hal...
Nêrîn - رووداونێت
Erdogan propagandaya wê yekê dike, ku ji bo welatê wî ji van “tengezarî û planên dijminan” rizgar bibe, pêwîstiya wan bi serokekî bihêz heye.
RSLogix5000. Open Trend Log in Excel. - ...
I am able to save a recorded trend to a log file. This file has an extention "TBS". For example "mytrend.tbs". Now I want to be able to open it in Excel and maybe view it in a chart.
Strafproces tegen Saddam Hoessein - Wikipedia
Op 19 oktober 2005 begon in Irak het strafproces tegen Saddam Hoessein, de voormalige president van Irak die door de Verenigde Staten gevangen is genomen.
Bildstock wie im Rausch - FuPa
Bildstock wie im Rausch - Bericht von Thomas Eichner in der Liga Landesliga Ost 17/18.
Sinjar - Wikipedia
In the 2nd century A.D., Sinjar became a military base and part of the Roman limes, and it remained part of the Roman Empire until it was sacked by the Sassanids in 360 A.D. At the beginning of 6th century A.D., it was inhabited by a tribe called Qadišaiē (Kαδίσηυοι).
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