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Ear tag - Wikipedia
An ear tag is a plastic or metal object used for identification of domestic livestock and other animals. If the ear tag uses Radio Frequency Identification Device technology it is referred to as an electronic ear tag.Electronic ear tags conform to international standards ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 working at 134.2 kHz, as well as ISO/IEC 18000-6C operating in the UHF spectrum.
RFID Tags | ems-rfid
RFID tags or radio-frequency identification tags have been used in the replacement of bar codes on the products you can buy from the supermarket all the way to letting you discover and/or recover your lost pet.
Positek RFID Systems, Solutions and Integration for ...
About Positek RFID. From hotel bed sheets to hospital scrubs to rented uniforms, companies in every industry imaginable are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their textile management processes.
Barcode, RFID, EAS & Labeling technology company in India ...
GEIPL India is a leading global provider of Barcode, label and RFID printers, Anti Theft Systems, EAS Labels, tags, labels and ribbons.
RFID & GPS Tracking and Locator Systems
View 3 minute video of 'Item Locator System' The diagram above shows a summary of the tracking system in 3 steps: Communication between tagged objects and GPS, RFID, wireless and mobile networks to ascertain and communicate current position and status.
::RapidRadio Solutions Private Limited, RFID, RFID ...
Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) is a next generation of Auto Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) technology which helps you automate business processes.This automation can provide accurate and timely information without any human intervention.
TrackCore RFID Enclosures | TrackCore, Inc.
TrackCore Operating Room with integrated RFID enclosures has been named the winner in the RFID Journal LIVE Awards in the category – Best Use of RFID to Enhance a Product or Service.
RFID for Healthcare,Hospital,Medical - RFID Asset Tracking ...
RFID Solutions & Applications RFID for Healthcare. Hospitals and the medical care industry in general are adopting asset tracking technology to track equipment, to track patients including baby tracking, to track staff, and to ensure patient’s receive the correct medicines and care – all in an effort to reduce expenses and save patient’s lives.
RFID Solutions - Easy to Use RFID Systems
Alien® ALR-F800 is a best in class, self-optimizing Enterprise class reader that enables users to deploy best-in-class EPC Gen 2 RFID solutions for retail, supply chain, manufacturing, mobile asset tracking and asset management applications.
5 Huge RFID Statistics for 2017 | CYBRA Corporation
5 Huge RFID Statistics for 2017 Retailers are Looking at RFID to Improve Supply Chain Visibility and Inventory Management.