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Plain | Definition of Plain by Merriam-Webster
Adjective. It was a plain room with no curtains. She was wearing plain black shoes. He printed the picture on plain paper. a piece of plain chicken You don't have to call me Mr. Johnson—just plain Fred will be fine.
Plain - definition of plain by The Free Dictionary
12. (Knitting & Sewing) a simple stitch in knitting made by putting the right needle into a loop on the left needle, passing the wool round the right needle, and pulling it through the loop, thus forming a new loop
Plain - Wikipedia
In geography, a plain is a flat, sweeping landmass that generally does not change much in elevation.Plains occur as lowlands along the bottoms of valleys or on the doorsteps of mountains, as coastal plains, and as plateaus or uplands.
Plain | Define Plain at
adjective, plain·er, plain·est. clear or distinct to the eye or ear: a plain trail to the river; to stand in plain view. clear to the mind; evident, manifest, or obvious: to make one's meaning plain.
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