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Pale | Definition of Pale by Merriam-Webster
Adjective. the pale wood of the table The walls were painted a pale blue. She has a pale complexion. Her illness had left her pale and weak. She grew pale with fright. Are you feeling well? You look pale. the pale light of dawn
Pale - definition of pale by The Free Dictionary
pale1 pale 1 (pāl) n. 1. A stake or pointed stick; a picket. 2. A fence enclosing an area. 3. The area enclosed by a fence or boundary. 4. a. A region or district lying within an imposed boundary or constituting a separate jurisdiction. b. Pale The medieval dominions of the English in Ireland. Used with the. 5. Heraldry A wide vertical band in the ...
Pale | Define Pale at
1. Pale, pallid, wan imply an absence of color, especially from the human countenance. Pale implies a faintness or absence of color, which may be natural when applied to things, the pale blue of a violet, but when used to refer to the human face usually means an unnatural and often temporary absence of color, as arising from sickness or sudden emotion: pale cheeks.
Pale Synonyms, Pale Antonyms |
A still, pale fog is soothing; it lulls nature to a kind of repose. How pale and eager their faces looked as they bent above him! What instinct made you choose that shade of pale green for your frock?
The Pale - Wikipedia
History. The Pale was a strip of land, centred on Dublin, that stretched from Dundalk in Louth to Bray in Wicklow and became the base of English rule in Ireland.
Pale | definition of pale by Medical dictionary
adj in Chinese medicine, a facial coloration indicative of low energy, cold energy, energetic blockages, infections, and echo patterns. See also cold energy, echo pattern.
Pale - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
be beyond the pale To be unacceptable or inappropriate. A "pale" is an area bounded by a fence. Disrupting my class is beyond the pale, young lady—go to the principal's office! Most people would consider stealing to be beyond the pale. See also: beyond, pale beyond the pale Completely unacceptable or inappropriate. A "pale" is an area bounded by a ...
Pale Synonyms, Pale Antonyms | Merriam-Webster Thesaurus
2 lacking a healthy skin color . after a week with the flu, she was deathly pale and noticeably thinner
PALE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
pale definition: 1. used to describe a person's face or skin if it has less colour than usual, for example when the person is or ill or frightened, or if it has less colour than people generally have: 2. A pale light or colour is not bright or strong: 3. If a person's face pales, it loses its…. Learn more.
pale - Wiktionary
pale Paleness; pallor. 1593, William Shakespeare, Venus and Adonis, lines 589–592: The boare (quoth ſhe) whereat a ſuddain pale, / Like lawne being ſpred vpon the bluſhing roſe, / Vſurpes her cheeke, ſhe trembles at his tale, / And on his neck her yoaking armes ſhe throwes. Etymology 2