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Analog recording - Wikipedia
Analog recording (Greek, ana is "according to" and logos "relationship") is a technique used for the recording of analog signals which, among many possibilities, allows analog audio and analog video for later playback.. Analog audio recording began with mechanical systems such as the phonautograph and phonograph.Later, electronic techniques such as wire recording and tape recorder were developed.
Registratore a nastro - Wikipedia
Un registratore a nastro (detto genericamente magnetofono o registratore magnetico), è un dispositivo usato per registrare e riprodurre suoni utilizzando supporti a bobina aperta contenenti nastro magnetico
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Im gleichen Jahr, in dem Poulsen auf der Pariser Weltausstellung ausgezeichnet wurde, erblickte noch ein weiteres Magnettongerät das Licht der Welt. Es wurde von Mix und Genest in Berlin herausgebracht, die ebenfalls Draht als Tonträger verwendeten.
Bandrecorder - Wikipedia
De bandrecorder, ook wel bandopnemer, magnetofoon of taperecorder genoemd, was de voorloper van de cassetterecorder.Een bandrecorder bestaat uit twee grote spoelen met een magnetische band die met een constante snelheid langs koppen wordt geleid om geluid op te nemen en/of af te spelen.
Reel to Reel Tape Recorder Manufacturers - Stellavox tape ...
Sourced from Gino Mancini May 2005. The Stellavox was the only true alternative to the Nagra portable audio recorder. Also made in Switzerland and reputedly by some ex-Nagra employees, these machines were more compact, rather better finished and felt perhaps more developed than the Nagra.
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These recorders requested do not have to be working but the do have to be complete, price offered will depend on their physical appearance and how complete they are, the working condition will pay little part in the overall price offered.
Reel to Reel Tape Recorder Manufacturers - Grundig AG reel ...
Grundig AG. Grundig AG was a formerly German manufacturer of consumer electronics for home entertainment which transferred to Turkish control in 2004-2007.
Tape recorder - Wikipedia
An audio tape recorder, tape deck, or tape machine is a sound recording and reproduction device that records and plays back sounds usually using magnetic tape for storage. In its present-day form, it records a fluctuating signal by moving the tape across a tape head that polarizes the magnetic domains in the tape in proportion to the audio signal. Tape-recording devices include the reel-to ...
In der Literatur variieren bei sehr vielen Erfindungen die Jahreszahlen zum Teil sehr erheblich. Dies liegt an den Definitionen, Überlieferungen oder den Aufzeichnungen über die jeweiligen Erfindungen.
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400: Tiwanaku pottery depicts quipu storage device. Record keeping system used by the Incas is more than 4,000 years old