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Close Up and Personal: Bestselling Spotlight Series ...
Close Up and Personal: Bestselling Spotlight Series - Kindle edition by JS Taylor. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Close Up and Personal: Bestselling Spotlight Series.
JS Bin - Collaborative JavaScript Debugging
A live pastebin for HTML, CSS & JavaScript and a range of processors, including SCSS, CoffeeScript, Jade and more...
Stream | Node.js v11.6.0 Documentation
A stream is an abstract interface for working with streaming data in Node.js. The stream module provides a base API that makes it easy to build objects that implement the stream interface.. There are many stream objects provided by Node.js. For instance, a request to an HTTP server and process.stdout are both stream instances. Streams can be readable, writable, or both.
Net | Node.js v11.6.0 Documentation
net.Socket has the property that socket.write() always works. This is to help users get up and running quickly. The computer cannot always keep up with the amount of data that is written to a socket - the network connection simply might be too slow.
Highslide JS - JavaScript thumbnail viewer
Highslide is an outstanding piece of work, and I’m particularly impressed by how you’ve dealt with issues such as browser compatibility and accessibility without compromising on functionality.
Create a new fiddle - JSFiddle
Auto-run code Only auto-run code that validates Auto-save code (bumps the version) Auto-close HTML tags Auto-close brackets
Timeline JS
Timeline JS is a free, easy-to-use tool for telling stories in a timeline format.
Mr.doob - Three.js Sketches
Collection of digital toys and experiments. Three.js Sketches 2016/02/12
Backbone's only hard dependency is Underscore.js ( >= 1.8.3).For RESTful persistence and DOM manipulation with Backbone.View, include jQuery ( >= 1.11.0), and json2.js for older Internet Explorer support. (Mimics of the Underscore and jQuery APIs, such as Lodash and Zepto, will also tend to work, with varying degrees of compatibility.)
How to get, use, and close a DB connection using async ...
This version of the employees module is similar to the promise version in that the getEmployee function was written as a promise-based API – it immediately returns a new promise instance which is asynchronously resolved or rejected. The main difference is that await is used with the driver’s promise APIs to get a connection to the database, use it to execute a query, and then close a ...