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windows - Device Driver's ImagePath - Stack Overflow
As startService() is not a control message to the service itself but instead only the request to start a certain executable (which itself must "know" that it is a service (and wich service) and will then register with service control manager), windows will simply execute the binary that ImagePath points to.
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public class ImagePath extends java.lang.Object. runtain the path list of locations, where images will be searched. the first entry always is the bundlepath used on the scripting level Python import automatically adds a sikuli bundle here supported locations: - absolute filesystem paths
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ImagePath.Path(coordinates) ⇒ Path instance Creates a path object. The coordinate list can be any sequence object containing either 2-tuples [ (x, y), … ] or numeric values [ x, y, …You can also create a path object from another path object.
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File | Image File Path. 05/23/2017; 2 minutes to read; Contributors. In this article. Click Image File Path on the File menu to display, set, or append to the executable image path. This command is equivalent to pressing CTRL+I. Executable Image Search Path Dialog Box. When you click Image File Path, the Executable Image Search Path dialog box ...
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Autodetection of L.Icon.Default.imagePath ... - GitHub
Yep, but if it can't find a leaflet-named script among the page scripts, it now throws "Couldn't autodetect L.Icon.Default.imagePath, set it manually.", so in this situations you just set the property and there won't be any errors.