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All heptatonic scales have all intervals present in their interval vector analysis, and thus all heptatonic scales are both hemitonic and tritonic. There is a special affinity for heptatonic scales in the Western key signature system.
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History and Etymology for heptatonic. hepta- + tonic. Keep scrolling for more. Learn More about heptatonic. Share heptatonic. Resources for heptatonic. Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared . Dictionary Entries near heptatonic. heptathlete. heptathlon. heptatomic. heptatonic. heptavalent. heptene.
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Egyptian singer Dinah El Wadidi faced the challenge of learning music in a pentatonic mode, which has five notes and is typical of Ethiopian music, rather than the seven notes of the heptatonic scale she was familiar with.
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Heptatonic scale, also called Seven-note Scale, or Seven-tone Scale, musical scale made up of seven different tones. The major and minor scales of Western art music are the most commonly known heptatonic scales, but different forms of seven-tone scales exist. Medieval church modes, each having its characteristic pattern of whole and half steps, used seven tones.
The Heptatonic Jazz Quintet
contact: Front cover photo sundown by Jenny Downing Copyright 2013 CC BY 2.0 "If I was given a blind listen, I might identify this as a swinging ...
heptatonic - any musical scale with 7 tones per octave
The most typical examples of heptatonic scales are the usual diatonic major and minor scales, composed of 5 Large (L) steps and 2 small (s) steps (which in this case are synonymous with tone and semitone, respectively.
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(music) Describing a mode or scale that has seven pitches in an octave
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