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Drysol - Appropriate Excessive Sweating Solution?
Excessive Hand Sweating – For excessive hand sweating (palmar hyperhidrosis) that is not responsive to conservative methods, ETS is the most appropriate solution.; Excessive Foot Sweating For those who have excessive foot sweating after ETS, or as their primary problem, a lumbar sympathectomy is a new option. It has a success rate of 95%. (Newly offered in the U.S.)
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CDC - Frequently Asked Questions - Alcohol
Excessive alcohol use can lead to increased risk of health problems such as injuries, violence, liver diseases, and cancer.The CDC Alcohol Program works to strengthen the scientific foundation for preventing excessive alcohol use.
Hot Flashes - My Excessive Sweating
Hot flashes are not only caused by low estrogens of menopause or perimenopause, they may also be caused by non disease or condition reasons such as anti-cancer drugs.
Night Sweats - My Excessive Sweating
Night sweats are not as disturbing for the patient as other forms but because undisturbed sleep is so important to our body, it can have a significant impact on our health – no on like to wake up to wet sheets, especially in the cold!
Hyperhidrosis Treatment - Micro ETS ™ for Excessive ...
Hyperhidrosis is a hereditary condition caused by an overactive sympathetic nervous system affecting an estimated 7.8 million Americans. Symptoms include excessive sweating of the hands, armpits, face, head or feet.It is associated with Raynaud's Disease (cold hands that often change colors because of hypersensitivity to temperature change), and facial blushing.
Excessive Stomach Gas in the Morning Only - Why Does It ...
The information provided herein is intended for a general knowledge only and is not a substitute for medical advice or a treatment for specific medical conditions.
Toyota named in class action lawsuit over excessive oil ...
I have a 2009 Camry SE and was curious of this situation. My car does use excessive amount of oil with it burning out fast between oil changes.
Overview of Hyperhidrosis, Excessive Sweating Symptoms and ...
Overview of hyperhidrosis symptoms and treatment (misspelled hyperhydrosis) options. Sweating is necessary to control body temperature during times of exercise and warm/hot surroundings.