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Detection | Definition of Detection by Merriam-Webster
Recent Examples on the Web. Not only do the ECG and fall-detection features help Apple further realize its goal of creating a device that truly helps users to be healthier and safer, but the Series 4 improves upon everything that the Series 3 did right.— Ron Amadeo, Ars Technica, "Our favorite (and least favorite) tech of 2018," 26 Dec. 2018 Within 1 minute of the detection, the facility ...
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Telecommunications.. rectification of alternating signal currents in a radio receiver. Also called demodulation. the conversion of an alternating, modulated carrier wave or current into a direct, pulsating current equivalent to the transmitted information-bearing signal.
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Synonyms for detection at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for detection.
Detection - definition of detection by The Free Dictionary
1. In tactical operations, the perception of an object of possible military interest but unconfirmed by recognition. 2. In surveillance, the determination and transmission by a surveillance system that an event has occurred.
Detections - definition of detections by The Free Dictionary
de·tec·tion (dĭ-tĕk′shən) n. 1. The act or process of detecting; discovery: detection of a crime; detection of radiation from a distant galaxy. 2. See demodulation. detection (dɪˈtɛkʃən) n 1. the act of discovering or the fact of being discovered: detection of crime. 2. (Electronics) the act or process of extracting information, esp at audio ...
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Detection - Wikipedia
In general, detection is the action of accessing information without specific cooperation from or synchronization with the sender. In the history of radio communications, the term "detector" was first used for a device that detected the simple presence or absence of a radio signal, since all communications were in Morse code.The term is still in use today to describe a component that extracts ...
Detection | definition of detection by Medical dictionary
detection See Cancer detection. Patient discussion about detection. Q. How can you detect future alcoholism? it runs in my family and I’m very aware of it. I’ve been drinking for under a year but lately its been every weekend and I’ve recently stopped because of finals i have for school and id rather not mess them up. but i catch myself thinking what am i going to do this weekend because ...
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Introduction. The goal of Detectron is to provide a high-quality, high-performance codebase for object detection research.It is designed to be flexible in order to support rapid implementation and evaluation of novel research.
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Detection Sidney Leach (Hellboy) has the ability to detect the presence of metal at a distance of several yards.