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Detection | Definition of Detection by Merriam-Webster
Detection definition is - the act of detecting : the state or fact of being detected. How to use detection in a sentence.
Detection | Define Detection at
Telecommunications.. rectification of alternating signal currents in a radio receiver. Also called demodulation. the conversion of an alternating, modulated carrier wave or current into a direct, pulsating current equivalent to the transmitted information-bearing signal.
Detection - definition of detection by The Free Dictionary
de·tec·tion (dĭ-tĕk′shən) n. 1. The act or process of detecting; discovery: detection of a crime; detection of radiation from a distant galaxy. 2. See demodulation. detection (dɪˈtɛkʃən) n 1. the act of discovering or the fact of being discovered: detection of crime. 2. (Electronics) the act or process of extracting information, esp at audio ...
Detection Synonyms, Detection Antonyms |
I was afraid to set the weights down for fear of detection and punishment. But this was only his second detection, and three of his four days of probation were past.
detection | Definition of detection in English by Oxford ...
‘However, the detection and identification of a drug in a blood sample indicates clear current exposure to that drug.’ ‘Prostate cancer presents major challenges for early detection through screening.’
Detection legal definition of detection - Legal Dictionary
Detection of poxvirus nucleic acids is sensitive and permits identification of virus-specific sequences and differentiation of a variola virus infection from an infection with other orthopoxviruses.
Detection | Nutrient Pollution Policy and Data | US EPA
Initial detection of freshwater HAB events relies on qualitative, visual observations. The tell-tale manifestations of a HAB include:
detection - Dictionary Definition :
Detection, detect, detective, detector — all are about noticing and discovering. A detective looks for clues that lead to the detection of the person who committed a crime. A metal detector is a machine created for the detection of coins people have left behind on the beach.
Detection dictionary definition | detection defined
Vega devoted great attention to the detection and correction of the errors in Vlacq's work of 1628.; Marconi gave great attention to the improvement of devices for the detection of electric waves..; In well-equipped waterworks each house service pipe is controlled by a stop-cock accessible from the footpath to the officials of the water authority, and the process of waste detection by this ...
Detect | Define Detect at
Detect definition, to discover or catch (a person) in the performance of some act: to detect someone cheating. See more.