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Decayed definition, to become decomposed; rot: vegetation that was decaying. See more.
Decayed - definition of decayed by The Free Dictionary
Bits of board, straw, old decayed barrels and boxes, garnished the ground in all directions; and three or four ferocious-looking dogs, roused by the sound of the wagon-wheels, came tearing out, and were with difficulty restrained from laying hold of Tom and his companions, by the effort of the ragged servants who came after them.
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1 having lost forcefulness, courage, or spirit . a candidate who vehemently rejects the idea that liberalism is a decayed political philosophy
Decay | Definition of Decay by Merriam-Webster
the smell of decaying rubbish. dead plants and leaves decayed by bacteria. She believes that the moral fiber of our society is decaying.. our decaying public school system. The city's neighborhoods are decaying.
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It was in a decayed condition.; But as Tyre decayed in power the colonies turned more and more to Carthage as their natural parent and protector.; 2, 4) attributed to this war the decayed state of several cities.; The almshouse established in 1592 by Sir John Hawkins for decayed seamen and shipwrights is still extant, the building having been re-erected in the 19th century; but the fund called ...
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Decayed definition: having rotted as a result of bacterial, fungal , or chemical action; decomposed | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
Decay - definition of decay by The Free Dictionary
Synonyms: decay, rot, decompose, putrefy, spoil, molder, disintegrate These verbs refer to the gradual process by which something breaks down or falls apart as a result of natural causes. Decay has wide application but often suggests partial deterioration short of complete destruction: "A decaying dam is an accident waiting to happen" (George Black). ...
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Decayed is a primary biome characterized by its burnt, post-apocalyptic look and urban garbage. It has dry weather, warm temperatures, little or no trees, and no other plant life. Decayed planets are notable by having ruined cities in the background suggesting that the planets were once populated and may still have some inhabitants. Decayed planets are a 'inconceivable' threat level, geared ...
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Whereas other dental devices -- the conventional dental drill, erbium laser, even air abrasion instruments -- simultaneously remove decay and make cavity preparations, the PulseMaster is designed to remove the decayed tissue only, offering the most conservative treatment available.