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Database - Wikipedia
A database is an organized collection of data, generally stored and accessed electronically from a computer system.Where databases are more complex they are often developed using formal design and modeling techniques.. The database management system (DBMS) is the software that interacts with end users, applications, and the database itself to capture and analyze the data.
Oracle dbms_stats tips
Export Import statistics with dbms_stats You can use the Oracle dbms_stats and export utilities to migrate schema statistics from your PROD instance to your TEST instance, so that your developers will be able to do more-realistic execution-plan tuning of new SQL before it's migrated into PROD.
DBMS_SCHEDULER is a more sophisticated job scheduler introduced in Oracle 10g.The older job scheduler, DBMS_JOB, is still available, is easier to use in simple cases and fit some needs that DBMS_SCHEDULER does not satisfy.
DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE allows you to write information to a buffer throughout the execution of a trigger/procedure. That information is available to be read by a trigger/procedure (using GET_LINE(S)), or dumped to SQL*Plus upon completion of execution.
H2 (DBMS) - Wikipedia
H2 is a relational database management system written in Java.It can be embedded in Java applications or run in the client-server mode. The software is available as open source software Mozilla Public License 2.0 or the original Eclipse Public License
dbms_stats.gather_system_stats and SQL optimizer behavior
In Oracle we now see 11g extended optimizer statistics, an alternative to dynamic_sampling for estimating result set sizes. The dbms_stats.gather_system_stats procedure measures important timings within the database and adjusts the optimizers propensity to choose indexes vs. full-scans. Andrew Holdsworth of Oracle Corporation notes that dbms_stats is essential to good SQL performance, and it ...
Trick #4 - Pull XML with DBMS_XMLGEN :: Oracle Alchemist
Hi, Before starting thanks to the answer you had given me previoulsy. This time I have 2 questions over here. 1. For creating reports using XML publisher I am now creating the xml file [using dbms_xmlgen] via a concurrent program and then merging it with the layout template.
DBMS_SCHEDULER jobs running an hour late - DST/BST issues ...
One of our developers highlighted the fact that the DBMS_SCHEDULER on one of our databases was running jobs an hour later than scheduled until just recently, when the clocks went back (26/10/2014) for British Summer Time (BST) for Daylight Saving Time (DST) …and now they're running on-time again!
The GQL Manifesto - One Property Graph Query Language
It seems like the time is right to create one standard property graph query language. Fusing the best of Cypher, PGQL and G-CORE into a more comprehensive query language built specifically for graph solutions. Should the property graph community unite to create a standard graph query language, GQL, alongside SQL? Vote now or read on and vote […]
Scheduling Jobs with Oracle Scheduler
This chapter describes how to use the DBMS_SCHEDULER package to work with Scheduler objects. You can accomplish the same tasks using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control and many of these tasks with Oracle SQL Developer. See Oracle Database PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference for DBMS_SCHEDULER ...