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ESL Quiz with Images - Verbs 2
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[a] Click the Letters in the Correct Order (Flash)
English vocabulary word lists and various games, puzzles and quizzes to help you study them.
Who is correct? - University of Kansas
Who is correct? Yes, though it may depend on whom you ask! “Who” and “whoever” are subjective pronouns; “whom” and “whomever” are in the objective case.That simply means that “who” (and the same for “whoever”) is always subject to a verb, and that “whom” (and the same for “whomever”) is always working as an object in a sentence.
Blue Oyster Cult - The Road
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ESL/EFL Quiz: Choose the Correct Preposition (Violeta Tsoneva)
A multiple-choice Flash quiz for studying English as a second language.
Can you correct these 14 basic grammar mistakes?
Here’s the grammar quiz experts claim only those with an above average IQ can ace. Just kidding; these are basic grammar mistakes that almost everyone misses. Let's see how well you do!