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Continuing | Definition of Continuing by Merriam-Webster
the continuing success of the chain as it opens stores around the country the public's continuing interest in every aspect of the lives of celebrities
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Continuing westerly for about ten miles, we reached the water, our bivouac on the 22nd. "Be careful, my dear," said Hubertine, continuing to tease her.
Continuing - definition of continuing by The Free Dictionary
And we need not be apprehensive that there will be too much stability, while there is even the option of changing; nor need we desire to prohibit the people from continuing their confidence where they think it may be safely placed, and where, by constancy on their part, they may obviate the fatal inconveniences of fluctuating councils and a variable policy.
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verb (used without object), con·tin·ued, con·tin·u·ing. to go on after suspension or interruption: The program continued after an intermission. to go on or keep on, as in some course or action; extend: The road continues for three miles. to last or endure: The strike continued for two months.
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We tend to think of Continuing Education as public offerings that deal with both specific and general needs," says Stan Talesnick, Dean of the Faculty of Continuing Education at Seneca College, which is the largest Continuing Education facility in Ontario.
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3. Resuming or restarting something that was stopped or paused for some time before, though exact periods of times may vary. For example, a person working on a project may be halted for hours or even years before continuing again.
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2 having an existence or validity that does not change or diminish . the public's continuing interest in every aspect of the lives of celebrities
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