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Concentrate | Definition of Concentrate by Merriam-Webster
Verb. All that noise makes it hard to concentrate. The student has difficulty concentrating. The sauce should be simmered for a few minutes to concentrate its flavors.. Noun. a frozen orange juice concentrate Is this orange juice fresh or is it made from concentrate?
Concentrate | Define Concentrate at
Concentrate definition, to bring or draw to a common center or point of union; converge; direct toward one point; focus: to concentrate one's attention on a problem; to concentrate the rays of the sun with a lens. See more.
Concentrate Synonyms, Concentrate Antonyms |
Darkness is quite unnecessary, but I think it helps one to concentrate.' The narrowness serves to concentrate the strength and accelerate the work.
concentrate - Dictionary Definition :
Concentrate means to make something stronger, denser, or more focused. If you concentrate your energy, for example, you become more powerful!Concentrate your efforts at digging, and you'll plant that shrub a lot faster.
Concentrate - definition of concentrate by The Free Dictionary
A product that has been concentrated, especially a food that has been reduced in volume or bulk by the removal of liquid: pineapple juice concentrate.
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Concentrate - Wikipedia
A concentrate is a form of substance which has had the majority of its base component (in the case of a liquid: the solvent) removed.Typically, this will be the removal of water from a solution or suspension, such as the removal of water from fruit juice.One benefit of producing a concentrate is that of a reduction in weight and volume for transportation, as the concentrate can be ...
CONCENTRATE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
concentrate definition: 1. to direct your attention or your efforts towards a particular activity, subject, or problem: 2. to bring or come together in a large number or amount in one particular area: 3. to make a liquid or substance stronger and reduce its size by removing water from it. Learn more.
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